Years of experience in shipping, trading and cargo quality, this is what you should know about us.

We possess an unique knowledges in export of grain products from Black – Azov sea region. Our work isn’t limited to fixing the ship, knowing needs of the exporter we can give valuable advice. We are familiar with main contracts : charter parties, GAFTA, export formalities, foreign currency regulation.

Almost 10 years we are on the FCMG/ reefer market cementing existing and discover new delivery routes of fruits and vegetables to country.

If you need an expert in shipping, you need us.

Имя/Предриятие: AK Shipbrokers
Населенный пункт/Порт: Новороссийск
Адрес: 353900, Россия, Краснодарский край Новороссийск, ул. Советов 40, офис 9
Телефоны: +7(8617)729323

Номер объявления: 6632